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[14 Jun 2003|05:19pm]

new layout

i was like pfft.

[02 Mar 2003|05:06pm]

oh no.

we died =(

i was like pfft.

fuck [07 Feb 2003|04:13am]
[ mood | dorky ]

its come to my conclusion that no one writes in this fucker.so i am going to write in it every day..every single damn day until someone writes in this fucking bitch...yup thats exactly what im gonna do


[12 Jan 2003|05:15pm]
sugary dEth: ok whats that guys name?
sugary dEth: from she's all that
sugary dEth: the blonde one?
Thursdaytoashes: ?????
sugary dEth: he was in fast and the furious too
Thursdaytoashes: paul walker
sugary dEth: mmmmmmmmm
sugary dEth: yesssssss
sugary dEth: mmmmmmmmmmmm
Thursdaytoashes: lol
sugary dEth: yesssssss
sugary dEth: mmmmmmm
sugary dEth: mmm
sugary dEth: ooh
sugary dEth: mmm
sugary dEth: yessss
sugary dEth: ooh yesss
sugary dEth: mmm
Thursdaytoashes: uhhhhhhh
sugary dEth: ohh yess
Thursdaytoashes: wanna be alone
sugary dEth: yessss
sugary dEth: mmm
sugary dEth: ooh yess
Thursdaytoashes: uh bye
sugary dEth: *cough*
sugary dEth: ok i'm done :-)
Thursdaytoashes: you cough at the end?
sugary dEth: only when i'm alone :-(
Thursdaytoashes: lol
sugary dEth: lil kim is in she's all that
sugary dEth: so is sarah michelle geller for like 3 seconds
sugary dEth: mmmm
sugary dEth: buffy
sugary dEth: mm
sugary dEth: i mean
sugary dEth: dammit!]
sugary dEth: paul walker
Thursdaytoashes: ok seriously
sugary dEth: mmmmmmm oh yesssssss
sugary dEth: mmmmmmm
i was like pfft.

[29 Dec 2002|01:56am]
so i bought a cd burner...anyone know any good songs or bands to download ..let me know...thanks...anyways i gots a fucking cold....BULLSHIT!!!!i hate colds...they suck...for those that have said they arent loved.....AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!! SHUT UP CUZ YOU ARE LOVED STUPID.....IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER....
i was like pfft.

pathetic attempt at writing [21 Dec 2002|03:19am]
[ mood | blank ]

conjoured up depressants of days of your passing
last in line for a ticket to get in
can't get out ...stuck in this hell
been stuck here for years

i have never felt this way before
never knew this feeling
so many days have past
and i remain with no healing

laugh at my excuse for a human
pity my heart and tell me lies
disregard the truth
cuz it hurts more

look into my eyes and tell me what you know is true
but i know its all fairy tales and pipe dreams
im not sure what im saying or what you hear
im not sure waht this means

for so many days i punched the air
trying to find something there
something to hurt more than i did
but i never could see what wasn't there
so i told the story of my broken heart
and i relive it every night as i sleep
and i cant even say that i am ok
but i know im not anyway
so i give up my life
i give up trying to breathe when you are near me
i am tired of sleeping with my heart broken and my eyes open
i give in
i give up
i will never be over you and i will never try
no matter where i am or who i am with id rather i be with you


fuckin glassjaw [20 Dec 2002|02:12am]
Tell me or I'll cast away.
Summer holiday.
If I wasn't mourned now one more time...
This atonal score,
For if you're rhythmic dancing on the dance floor.
I'm dying the death of a man man for..

Standard procedure.
I serve no use for you.
God's littlest creature,
You're my bore.

You witnessed my fallen gene,
That pushes away like a cancer.
And be the count that parted mine.
Handicap that pushes madness between lover.
I dabble in the badness of a..

Standard procedure,
I serve no use for you.
God's littlest creature,
You're my new muse.

The mind tricks the body,
Body thinks the mind is crazy,
My mind tricks the body,
Body thinks my mind is..

So best of luck to you,
And a burning barge to float you through.
Lost in you for days,
Enjoy the distance as we gaze.
Before time,
Didn't we say one day?
Maybe not, didn't we say one day?

Standard procedure,
I serve no use for you.
God's littlest creature,
You're mine...

Standard procedure,
I serve no use for you
God's littlest crea[ture]...

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