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pathetic attempt at writing

conjoured up depressants of days of your passing
last in line for a ticket to get in
can't get out ...stuck in this hell
been stuck here for years

i have never felt this way before
never knew this feeling
so many days have past
and i remain with no healing

laugh at my excuse for a human
pity my heart and tell me lies
disregard the truth
cuz it hurts more

look into my eyes and tell me what you know is true
but i know its all fairy tales and pipe dreams
im not sure what im saying or what you hear
im not sure waht this means

for so many days i punched the air
trying to find something there
something to hurt more than i did
but i never could see what wasn't there
so i told the story of my broken heart
and i relive it every night as i sleep
and i cant even say that i am ok
but i know im not anyway
so i give up my life
i give up trying to breathe when you are near me
i am tired of sleeping with my heart broken and my eyes open
i give in
i give up
i will never be over you and i will never try
no matter where i am or who i am with id rather i be with you
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